DARK TRIAD MAN® and Ivan Throne are delighted to confirm that stock of our magnificent EMPALADOR cigars is available.

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Our torpedoes (6.25×52) and Churchills (7×50) have arrived from Honduras, are settled in the humidor, and are available for purchase.

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The EMPALADOR is wrapped with aged Honduran Trojes. The long-filler is Honduran and Nicaraguan, with a binder from Indonesia.

Described by our private supplier as “brimming with rich flavor” and with “delectably subtle nuances”, the EMPALADOR is sure to be appreciated by cigar aficionados.

The very limited run of EMPALADOR cigars in robusto size (5×50) from DARK TRIAD MAN® are no longer available.


The EMPALADOR cigars from DARK TRIAD MAN® are now available!

Our magnificent EMPALADOR cigars have aged Honduran Trojes wrappers with a Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler, with a binder from Indonesia.

Your purchase of twenty EMPALADORS arrives in a dark glossy humidor, each cigar individually cellophane wrapped.

We offer three sizes of these cigars:




Robustos are SOLD OUT.

We have torpedoes and Churchills in stock.


Our first run of EMPALADOR robustos sold out in just a few hours. We currently have torpedoes and Churchills in stock.

If you are interested in preordering from our upcoming shipments of EMPALADOR cigars, please reach out to us for more information at

EMPALADORS are currently only available to purchasers in the USA. We are rapidly working through requirements to make EMPALADORS available in select overseas markets.

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Our launch party in Denver on August 11th was a huge success.


An early review from our launch party in Denver:

“With a wrapper of aged Trojes Honduran, Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler, and an Indonesian binder, the Empalador (the “Impaler”) Robusto 5×50 is a delightful smoking experience.

“The scent of the foot promised a rich, complex smoke, and this fine stick did not disappoint. The aroma from the initial toasting offered notes of nut and pepper, and even an evasive hint of leather (at least to this reviewer’s nose). Smoking the cigar was deeply enjoyable paired with a fine bourbon. Although I usually allow a cigar to die a dignified death half way through the smoke, I found myself compelled to continue as there was none of the creeping bite and harshness one often finds as a cigar burns down.

“The Latin inscriptions on the band might be loosely translated as ‘the night owns the kingdom’ and ‘God wills’. Indeed it does and so does He. The Empalador is highly recommended.”

– Dr. Jack Griffin, guest at our Denver launch party


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Our first customer just received his robustos:


Empaladors in the house!


A gorgeous photo of the Empalador:


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