Our magnificent EMPALADOR cigars have aged Honduran Trojes wrappers, Honduran and Nicaraguan long filler, and binder from Indonesia. Described by our private supplier as “brimming with rich flavor” and exhibiting “delectably subtle nuances”, the EMPALADOR is highly sought after and deeply appreciated by cigar aficionados. Your purchase of twenty EMPALADORS arrives in a glossy dark wood humidor, each cigar individually cellophane wrapped to preserve the superbly aromatic and exultantly smooth flavors of leather, honey, and macadamia.

Please note that EMPALADOR cigars are currently only available to purchasers in the USA. We are rapidly working through requirements to make EMPALADORS available in select overseas markets. For more information on overseas purchase, please contact us at sales@empalador.vip.

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We offer two sizes of cigars: